Tuesday, March 17, 2015

open letter

this is my last back and forth with the state of Utah

 Dear bureaucrat,
I accept that you view my financial details as proof of failure on my part to run a successful company, and in part you are right. I have made many mistakes as I have learned my profession and how to run a business, as I am sure that you, and all others in this world have as well. I take exception to the statement on page one,"or that granting a license in this case would be without jeopardy to the public health, safety and welfare." for many reasons. I boiled down the government word salad to mean that by my financial history I am a menace to society, how does health, safety and welfare have anything to do with financial history. My company history according to dopl shows that I never had a single complaint, and workers comp history shows that I had one minor claim from an employee sometime in 2000. While not calling me an outright criminal, which you saved for page two, you still implied that I conduct or will attempt to conduct fraudulent business practices. I flat out deny doing so. Any investigation into my person or my companies will show I have worked at a high standard of safety, welfare and concern for the public. I have contracted buildings Pro Bono for 2 churches of different faiths,a Masonic Lodge, and worked together and above board with all the building departments in my area.My company's have been members in both SUHBA and AGC organizations. and supported scouting and service projects throughout the city that I have resided in for the last 39 years, I have no nefarious intent and chide you for meanness. I have served in the Utah National Guard, B-btry 2BN 222fa with distinction and an honorable discharge in 2005 with 18 years of blood ,sweat and tears for your freedom and safety, I do not take kindly to people calling me a crook. It certainly is ironic coming from the state government whose last two attorney generals ave been indited for corruption, I guess I don't have the money to afford the same treatment. If I pay some more filthy lucre for the $50,000 surety bond I am back to being good, right?

  The events that led to my so called lack of financial responsibility stems from the 2008 thru 2012 tide that set back my industry as a whole. The mega banks went bankrupt through their fraudulent investments and demanded of the American citizens that we make whole their losses. So far we as citizens owe the Federal Reserve some 6 to 12 trillion dollars (according to which media source you use) to do so. Well, people stopped buying houses, throughout the country, citizens has lost confidence in the banking industry, (with good reason), To this point in time my banking and financial advisers had me convinced that equity and debt could balance, I found to my dismay that wasn't the case, my supposed investments turned to the means of my supposed loss of financial responsibility.  Since 2009 every single job I held was as a w-2 employee, excepting one, *****Building and my direct supervisor Solomon***, the work period lasted three months from January to March when I quit the company in disgust for the mismanagement I saw in the actions of Solomon. They missed payroll 5 times out of 8, bounced the only check he paid me, (preferring to pay in cash) and shorted my last payroll by my figures $800. To receive a 1099 at tax time surprised me even more you. It left me on the hook for the penalty and debt, which I paid, and taking my assumed wage of $16 an hour down to around $12 an hour,. On the first day of work for ******Building I turned in all my documents for the I-9 verification and a completed w-4 withholding form and assumed he had carried out his part. In February  I fell from a ladder due to poor job site conditions and told him I would like to see a doctor, he told me that he didn't have workers comp and to tough it out, telling me not to be a "pussy". I recovered to some degree and went back to work, although still injured. At this time he owed me in back wages, some $1200 and I had bills to pay, when he missed the next payday I quit in disgust. Two weeks later when I meet him at the bank to resolve the issue, he shorted me $800 from what I had written down, but because he keeps few financial records it became a case of he said, she said, he told me to check my records, but having been prepared for that I was, but he blew me off till he surprised me with the 1099 slip in the following January. My agreement with him was a w-2 employee at $16 an hour, not 1099. I wonder how a framing sub-contractor, (an average framing crew consists of four workers), pays no workers comp, how can they claim so many 1099 employees with zero documentation? Ask ****** Development how the last project for ****** builders worked out, and how lucky they were when the Licensed company, ***** construction, stepped in to solve the problem caused by Solomon fleeing the state, and you want to outright accuse me of unlawful conduct!

This country was built by men and women were willing to work hard for a brighter future for their children, who took seriously their pledge to work  for freedom and justice for all. The American dream took shape, we were taught we could be firemen, policemen,businessmen, astronauts, or the president. We don't set out to be deadbeats. Nor do I consider myself to be one, I am proud of the things I have accomplished, and of my family and all they have accomplished. I am proud of my chosen religious fellowship and all that we have accomplished, I use to be proud of my country and state. You and the behemoth bureaucracy that you are but one small cog have run your course. You have tried to kill the American dream by trying to help us, but you don't know me, and yet you make decisions that will impact me and my families life by working off some bullshit checklist, written by people making more laws than we can ever obey, How dare you to accuse me of unlawful conduct, how would you feel if I opened up your personal and financial life like has been done to me? I would encourage you to make a further investigation in this matter, I could even supply evidence to support all I have said. I am far from perfect, but so are you and all your cubicle mates who suck off the government teat.

I hereby withdraw my request forGeneral home building contractor, and withdraw my support for such an obviously corrupt decaying system
sincerely, a fellow child of God.

neil fisher

formally CEO of Neil Fisher Building

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