Tuesday, October 6, 2015

did I say that?

I feel out of my comfort zone with this post, I am a mystic not a political commentator, grin. However I spend my time and thought process within this illusion watching how people and energy combine to present the production we call "the world we live in".  Most times I stay away from forming an opinion, I like to let a new thought sit awhile, poke and prod it to find how it responds, and let others share their thoughts on the matter, I am in no rush to believe, one way or another. So it is with some degree of trepidation I will say,"I wish our leader was Vladimer Putin!" Ya I must be a commie, right?

This guy... man, this guy,  is what a leader should be.  Sometimes he makes me feel sorry that we as a nation have not straightened things out in our country ourselves. I have watched him for some time, heck I trained to fight the USSR military in days gone by, they were our sworn enemy. But this guy....  I know that he was KGB, soviet intelligence, he is smart and tough to have succeeded in that realm.  I watch his interviews and see his skill displayed, he means what he says no doubt. And does what he says he will do, which is a stark contrast to the US sniveling sycophants of Satan we have in our country. Our politicians and bureaucrats have sold us down the river long ago for their thirty pieces of silver, and their soul, let us not forget. Where have you spent your energy I wonder, as our country slides into the cesspit of history?

We are all in the same boat I figure. We as proud Americans, (red,white, black, yellow, and brown) have stood by as our elected leaders have prison raped us, and took our freedom as they wiped their dicks on our face. Really? Are we that fucking tame?  I shit you not, unless we sack up we are going to pay. The elite only see green, and we my friend are not, green.

I am trying to come to terms with the power that is running my life, Free agency is a mirage for the credulous, and simple minded. This world, universe, dimension, density, I could go on listing all the words of our captivity, but I wont, grin, is meant for a purpose, one that I cannot fathom to date.  I am working on it, as you should be as well, and I am not so sure that our answers will be the same. Be of good cheer my friends
Don't be a doormat, we are the children of the creator. It's going to be okay.

hell ya

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