Monday, November 30, 2015

chaos as a life choice

Like sands through an hourglass so are the lies falling away, spiraling back down to the infernal realm in which they are birthed. I see the world paradigm shift in miraculous ways when I am paying attention, and fortunate enough to be tuned in to a degree, although spiritually painful to view, and be party to the end of the world as we believed it to be . In olden days I would have been a hermit, recluse or mountain man because I find it so hard to deal with people in these so called modern days. We are worse humans than those from the past, as I view it in my perspective, after watching the world with some intensity for the time I have been here, a half century shortly. My friends and teachers from the previous generation who I have learned  so much from, as they have shared their knowledge and wisdom have given way to the current generation of beings who choose to be nothing more than batteries in the matrix, caring nothing for mother earth who gives us form nor for her husband who gives us spirit. People are choosing to live a virtual life through social media, reclined in the la-z-boy office chair zoning at a constantly refreshing computer screen, allowing their mind to stimulate the organs of life on zero pretext of any kind of reality. Where was I?

I describe myself as a white hetero man, monotheistic, born and raised mormon, former military, semi educated. I may not have the right credentials according to some, to comment on anything according to our present illusory construct we call society, but that's ok because I don't recognize those imitators of life either. I figure I am a free man, I will go along(to some degree) to get along but with people these days who desire to attempt to convince me of how to feel, or to accept their world view, most times at the point of a metaphorical sword, meaning to conform to "their" pc garbage. Nope, not this guy. Not anymore, not ever again. If life is about choices, then maybe it's time to chose me. I choose me over any bullshit construct that was mentally created before I had ability to chose. I revoke any supposed rights or privileges imagined by the imaginary "state" that "they" believe I gave them. I am accommodating, I will go along until they choose to impose their "pursuit of happiness" on me.

 When did we as humans need so many damn labels to help us know who we are? really? Is the duck face our new understanding of beauty? Our synthetic society destroys the beauty of the creation, and all the possibility's it brings, it tries to ape the natural grace and splendor we could have if we choose to make a different choice other than the false right left bullshit we are subject to by our supposed rulers.

I am.

f n funny considering

RIP brother,godspeed 
  this is a good song too

a sermon from our departed brother


  1. That is a great place to be - "I am".

    The rest of the story that flows outward from that? The beginning of the Illusion we are presented with. Who knows what is even real anymore? Or where to find "truth"?

    That first step away from I am is certainly a doozy.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They echo my own beautifully.


  2. I worry about first step as well my brother, or maybe the spiral of life just brings it around again? and again? dang sometimes after years of effort and supposed progress I find myself at a similar point in times past. Damned if I know.