Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On my walk this morning...

Fuck! Are you watching this shit! It is un-fucking believable where we find ourselves and our country! I am in a constant state of wtf, I shit you not. I am frankly ashamed that we have to have this conversation. You and I are both the children of God, we were created in his image. But in nature and in our humanity there is diversity, multi colored and resplendent. We are all equal, and whenever someone says they are more equal than others animal farm style they should be quarantined and contained as quickly as possible. Whenever one of you motherfuckers decide that I should conform to your twisted sense of society and demand that I should tolerate filth, I strongly decline.

So should you for that matter. We are in this together, it is up to us to fix it. Hillary and her husband have shown time and again what they are, the most evil and depraved beings drawing breath on this planet. There is nothing they wont do to drink from the fountain of power, me first always. Trump is their friend look at all the photos and communication between them( google it fucker, I am not your research assistant ;)  We are between a rock and a hard place my friend. At a time when we as human beings should rise up as one, we are arguing about bathrooms?  We have people who think that they should be paid money from the rest of us because of something happened to their ancestors should be paid in full today like the few survivors of the holocaust( once again, find out for yourself) and the Americans who think that because someones great granddaddy did something to theirs I owe them. Folks, this fight is not between you and me, frankly I don't give a fuck that a man likes another or females the same way, boy, girl, black, red, yellow white it don.t matter, but those demon fuckers who are killing us do. That is where the fight is. I wake up early every day to read the bullshit of life, most times it brings a chuckle, or a grin because I find it amusing how the media celebrates the worst our species has to offer. But the poison they are force feeding us now has brought me to a state of profanity.

The man, who I call out in all his forms and masks( there are so many I will not list them, that is up to you to decide for yourself at this point) is on the warpath, he knows the time is short. Why else would they foul their nest with radiation( just look at Fukushima and Hanford), chemtrails, gmos, and poison water,pharmaceutical homicide, vaccines and cancer, we are in the crosshairs as a group of batteries, they have no humanity and don't plan on hanging out as your family starves see Venezuela , get back in line slave.

If we play the game they have given us we are doomed.Fuck them, think for yourself, think about the world we are leaving for our children, this very idea is what matters, if we cant get along we will tear this world to pieces.

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  1. So sorry I missed this when it was penned but my attention has been elsewhere for some time now..

    Love the righteous anger and share every bit of it. We know how this ends, and I will embrace the undoing of the methods currently being employed to disempower us.

    The irony is that the creatures seeking to c
    have total control over us create the very thing they fear the most when they push too far. They have done so. It comes around again. Know this.

    Best to you my Brother