Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life is a beach

I know that I am wasting some of the precious time I have left in this world to sit at my computer this morning to express some thoughts about the circus that threatens our very existence. Few people will read this post, fewer still will read between the lines and suss the intent, futile effort on my part, and quite likely adding to the clamor and thrashing of a dying beast. But hey, we all get our fifteen minutes right.

Right now brothers and sisters the elite have control, I am not sure when the humans lost the fight to bring to pass a society that allows each one of us to succeed in our individual way, to explore our highest levels of being, share our talents with the rest of us, to find joy and happiness and contentment with our allotted time here on earth. There are many around me who are still oblivious that this war ever took place. Some few have enough truth to point to this event, or that person, and say,"here is where we went wrong". But rest assured that the fight for truth, justice and freedom is over.

The maelstrom of the material world has sucked everyone of us into the abyss. It does not matter who is president, senator, congress weasel, mayor, because the system itself is wrong. The game is rigged silly, its all a show designed for your entertainment as your soul is harvested for some infernal power. Sure, go ahead and play with all of your heart, mind, and strength, be invested with the idea that you can win, or make some difference in the world. You might as well go to the seashore and push against the tide to show the mighty ocean who is boss.sucker.

The only true choice you can make happens deep inside yourself, you can only change you, and that dear friends is a herculean effort. I know, for these long years I have been trying, and trying, and trying. The amount of my perceived success could be held within a thimble. Honestly I have made no such gain. But I wonder sometimes if the effort has somehow forged the steel of my intent to keep trying. Or I could just be hardheaded because I desire to be a better human and be a child that God can be proud of.

We can help one another if we could drop the labels that are dividing us, replace the frothing at the mouth hatred for a tiny dash of love, and maybe even a sprinkle of understanding. Or we can be sands in the hourglass of finality and finish tearing apart this world, leaving nothing for those to come. Choose this day whom you will serve, it is your only choice.

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